46 Shottery Street, Yeronga

Indigo Soul Wellness Studio – we are a yoga & Pilates studio, partnering with wellness practitioners focused not just on the alignment of your downward dog but alignment to your Soul!

Join our community to practise Yoga, Pilates and meditation, access incredible wellness practitioners, heal your body with our Infrared Sauna and learn and play at our workshops and events.

Yin, vinyasa, kids yoga, meditation, pilates, restorative yoga

Join us at our practical, fun & informative workshops.

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About us

Indigo Soul is a place for you to come and connect to yourself through movement, stillness and wellness modalities.

In a beautifully restored 1947 Queenslander you can practice yoga, Pilates and meditation, have access to incredible wellness practitioners and learn from and connect with amazing teachers on topics to help you grow, have fun, relax and live in your highest vibration. And the best bit is…we will be right there with you, growing, healing and aligning.

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About the founders

Passionately founded by three young women (mums too) on a shared journey to live from a place of love and joy. All coming from ‘secure’ jobs we are taking the leap, overcoming fears and choosing to live in alignment.

Our goal is to create a space for the community to come and align to your inner world and experience wellness in mind, body and spirit.

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Our philosophy

Indigo Soul is proof you get to choose life. We don’t care what you wear or how flexible you are, just that you have a thirst for self-discovery. We are a community of love and support, that grows, learns and connects on all levels together.

Here are a few things we believe:

 We believe we need joy, fun, movement and stillness everyday

We believe yoga isn’t about how flexible we are, it’s about getting into the body and calming the mind

We believe we have all the answers we need inside us

We believe to find the answers we need to be still, so we can hear the whispers

We believe to hear your souls whispers you need to turn our third eye in and connect to our heart

We believe depression and anxiety occurs when we dwell on the past or worry about the future 

We believe peace and joy can be found in the now moment

We believe it rocks to have a strong core and beautiful posture

We believe Indigo Soul Wellness Hub is a sanctuary